Join us as we kick off  our "Summer Conversations" series with the Reconcile Race Relations Conference, hosted by Christian Stronghold Church on June 30 & July 1.

Summer Conversation 1: Reconcile Race Relations Conference - June 30 & July 1

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A forum that fosters love, transparency & builds authentic faith community; and through the power of Christ overcome deep racial divides that run through Christ’s Church and in our country. A gathering of a diverse group of believers with a desire for the Gospel and with willing hearts, come together to learn more about how to join in God’s mission to reconcile all of creation to Himself. 

To learn about the effects of systemic racism and what the Gospel response should and could be. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Christian professionals who do work in various systems affected by systemic injustice as well as Pastors and ministry leaders that are currently addressing these systemic issues in their communities. To seek God’s will as it pertains to the very real and tangible social issues in our communities 

This will be a great evening of dialogue and questions. 

Join us for our following summer conversations with more details to follow.

Summer Conversation 2: Augustine: Dr. Ian Clausen
Summer Conversation 3: The Gospel, Race and Wealth Inequality: Dr. Amy Baker
August 15 -  Main Line
August 16  - Center City