Liberti Kids exists to share God's GRACE in a meaningful and transformative way.

In pursuit of this vision, we hope to:

  • Deepen our knowledge of the GOSPEL. 
  • Demonstrate how every piece of the Bible points to the story of Christ's REDEMPTION. 
  • Understand that by faith through grace, we have been ADOPTED as sons and daughters of God.
  • Become vessels of God's mercy and COMPASSION in a fallen and broken world.
  • EMBOLDEN future generations to serve and share the Gospel among their families, peers, neighborhood, and the world.

Children are welcome in our worship and we provide kids' ministry during the second half of the worship service (during the sermon and conclusion of the service) for children ages 6 months - 5th grade. Parents, you can check your children in with our team of trained, background-checked volunteers, drop them off at their class during the "Passing the Peace" section of the service, and pick them up after the worship service is over. 

Check-in your kids prior to the start of the service at the Liberti Kids Check-In station. During the "Passing the Peace" segment you'll be invited to accompany them to their classrooms. Our kids ministry that takes place during worship services will consist of the following classes:

Nursery 6M - 1.5YRS (born on/before March 1, 2015 - after March 1, 2014)
Toddler 1.6 - 3YRS (born on/before March 1, 2014 - after September 1, 2012)
Preschool 3.1 - 5YRS (born on/before September 1, 2012 - after September 1, 2010)
Early Elementary K - 2nd Grade
Upper Elementary 3rd - 5th Grade

NURSERY  6M-2.5YRS (born on/before March 1, 2015 - after March 1, 2013)
PRESCHOOL  2.6-5YRS (born on/before March 1, 2013 - after September 1, 2010)

Spring Camping Trip May 19-20 | Ricketts Glen State Park

Evening Picnic Friday June 17 5:00PM | Valley Forge Park

Main Line Summer Movie Series June-September | Bryn Mawr

Center City Summer Movie Series May-August | Hawthorne Park

Family Camp August 21-25 | Camp Fowler

Main Line Christian Fellowship Tuesdays Sept. 19 -Nov. 14 5:30-7PM | Harcum College

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Tuesdays from 10AM - 12PM at various locations

Moms with young children in Center City gather together weekly to play, connect, and fellowship. If you would like to participate, please contact Leah Hatton at

Fridays from 9:30-11:30AM at various locations

Moms with young children on the Main Line gather together weekly to play, connect, and fellowship. For more information contact Brynnan Toner at

Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00PM at Harcum College

MLCF is designed to help our kids develop Christian fellowship, a deep identity in Christ, a posture of worship, and a heart for service. Each week includes games, dinner, songs, crafts, and small group. We offer groups for Pre-K through 6th grade. For more information and to register, check out


As our numbers keep growing, we are constantly in need of more volunteers! Volunteering is also a wonderful way to build life-long friendships with those whom you serve and serve with!

For more information, contact

Katharine Savage at

Meade Baker at

If your family is in need of meals, or would like to provide meals for others who have recently brought a new baby into the world, are recovering from illness/injury or some other life event, we encourage you to contact the following leaders to sign-up. Let’s love and care for each other, especially during these seasons in our lives.

Heather Daiello at

Lauren Serventi at

2200 Arch Counseling provides individual, family and child therapy from a Christian perspective. For more information:

Phone - 267.322.6797


Elementary Lesson Sample

Below is a typical Liberti Kids Elementary Lesson Plan

  • Opening Song
  • Bible Story - Kids will hear a story from the Bible then discuss its meaning together. 
  • Look it Up - Kids will look up verses from the Bible story learning how to find texts in the Bible. 
  • Journal - Kids will write answers to a journal question or draw a picture. 
  • Supplementary Book - Some weeks the kids will hear a story from Perils and Peace, a story book that will help them learn about some of the early church fathers.  
  • Closing Song

Pre-School Lesson Sample

Below is a typical Liberti Kids Preschool Lesson Plan

  • Treasure Box - each week the theme of the Bible story is introduced with an item the kids discover inside the treasure box. 
  • Bible Story - The teacher reads a story from the Bible. 
  • Question of the Week - The Bible story leads straight into a catechism question of the week.  Kids will memorize simple bible doctrines using hand motions.  
  • Memory Verse - Kids will learn a simple Bible verse. 
  • Song - The kids will slowly learn a repertoire of great worship songs.  You can stream them at the bottom of this page.  
  • Craft - Kids will make a craft that helps them remember the Bible story for the week. 
  • Play! 

The Liberti Kids learn songs you can sing at home.